3 Tips For Showings On Your House That Is For Sale

Shortly after you list your home with a real estate agency, you may begin receiving phone calls from your agent for showings. Showings are designed to offer a time when people can privately view your home if they are possibly interested in purchasing it. To make the most of these viewings, you may want to follow these three tips.

Prepare your house as soon as the agent lists it

The best thing to do just before or right after you list your house is totally prepare it for viewings. This may be something that takes you weeks to do, or it might only take you a few days; this will depend on the condition of your home. When you prepare it, you will need to focus on the following steps:

  • Get rid of all clutter
  • Pack up some of your things to make the house less full
  • Clean the closets, drawers, and cabinets so they are neat and clean
  • Remove family photos and things that show you live there
  • Hide any valuables
  • Deep clean every room in your home
  • Repaint the house and make any minor repairs it may need

Your agent can help you determine if there are other things you should do prior to showing your home to potential buyers.

Make it easy for showings to occur

Secondly, you should be prepared for showings at all times. In other words, have a plan in place as to what you will do when you get the call for a showing. You will have to leave your house, so think of places you could go. Make a list of last-minute touchups you should do just before leaving your house, and determine what lights to leave on when you leave.

If you do these things, your home can be available for showings anytime. 

Keep your house tidy on a daily basis

Finally, you should spend 20 or 30 minutes every morning or evening before bed straightening up your home. By doing this, you can be ready for last-minute showings at any time, and your house will always be clean. In addition, you should deep clean the entire house once a week just to make sure everything is really clean.

Preparing your house and keeping it prepared can be a lot of work, but it can also help you sell your house faster. If you have questions about selling your home and would like advice, talk to a real estate agent